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Mobile World Congress 2013

In preparation for the 2013 Mobile World Congress, AT&T required a comprehensive application to showcase their latest digital life offering. To meet this requirement, I developed a cutting-edge Adobe AIR application that not only fulfilled all the functions of the digital life app but also provided a platform for presenting their marketing materials in an engaging manner.

The application was meticulously crafted to ensure that it seamlessly integrated with AT&T's vision for their digital life offering. It was designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allowed users to easily navigate and interact with its various features.

Moreover, the application served as the centerpiece of AT&T's space during the Mobile World Congress event that year. Its high-quality and innovative design attracted a lot of attention and helped to create a buzz around the company's latest offerings.

Overall, the application was a resounding success, effectively showcasing AT&T's new digital life offering and leaving a lasting impression on all who interacted with it.

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